Insight Sessions

The e-Assessment Pre-Conference Insight Sessions

In the lead up to the e-Assessment Question Virtual Conference, which starts on 23rd June, we are delighted to announce that we have a series of three FREE webinars.

Session 1

 David McVeigh from Pearson talking about their national scale deployment of e-assessment in Egypt

Missed the tweetchat with David McVeigh? View it here

Session 2

Louella Morton from TestReach talking about the use of remote proctoring to support assessment

Insight Session 2020 with Louella Morton

Missed the tweetchat with Louella Morton? View it here

Session 3

Dr Anja Sisarica from Inspera talking about e-assessment use within the HE sector both before and during the pandemic

Dr Anja Sisarica presents an Insight Session for the e-Assessment Association

Missed the tweetchat with Dr Anja Sisarica? View it here