21st Century Skills breakout session at the e-Assessment Question Conference 2020

Presentation summaries

Mark Dawe, CEO, Association of Employment and Learning Providers: New government, new skills, new assessment
A look at the new government’s skills strategy and priorities and what opportunities there are likely to be for the e-assessment community in supporting the government’s aims and those that deliver skills training and assessment.

Mark Dawe speaker at the e-Assessment Question Conference

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Charlotte Bosworth, Managing Director, Innovate Awarding: Experiences to date on how technology can support delivery and assessment of Apprenticeship standards

Since the introduction on new apprenticeship standards varying assessment instrument have been introduced that are required to be delivered in many different employer contexts.  This session touches on what has enabled more efficient and consistent approaches to be established by using technology and areas where e-assessment tools could support further in the future.

Charlotte Bosworth Speaker at The e-Assessment Question Conference

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Joe Ludlow, Impact Investment Director, Ufi Voctech Trust: From the intersection of vocational learning and work

This session will explore how tech is changing the nature of work and what does that mean for vocational skills and their assessment? Joe will illustrate how as an investor in early stage innovative companies, Ufi Voctech Trust identifies the needs and opportunities in the future of learning for work.

In the future, our skills and capabilities for work will continuously develop assisted by new technology. But what will be the technologies that capture, assess and accredit this continuous learning?

Joe Ludlow speaker at the e-Assessment Question Conference

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