Abi James is presenting at the e-Assessment Question Conference

Abi James is speaking at the e-Assessment Question Conference

Abi James, Accessibility Consultant, AbilityNet is presenting at the 2020 e-Assessment Question Conference.

About the presentation: Examining the challenges and drivers for making e-assessments accessible, inclusive and valid for all

 What is digital accessibility in the context of e-assessment?

  • Regulations and legislation around accessibility and inclusion for e-assessments
  • What standards and guidance is available to help make e-assessment accessible?


About Abi James

Abi James is a researcher and consultant on how technology aids individuals with dyslexia, special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).  Diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of nine, Abi has used computers and technology to help her succeed throughout her education and in employment. Her work at AbilityNet focusses on helping organisations such as schools, universities, public sector bodies and companies to create websites and apps that are accessible and inclusive for everyone. She also works closely with policy-makers and researchers at the University of Manchester to understand how assistive technology can used effectively within exams and qualifications. She is Chair of the British Dyslexia Association Technology committee, a member of the DfE Assistive Technology Expert Group and collaborates with the University of Southampton to identify best practices for supporting assistive technology and accessible content including contributing to the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.