Dr Anja Sisarica is presenting at the e-Assessment Question Conference

Dr Anja Siserica, speaker at the e-Assessment Question Conference

About the presentation: The impact of digital exams on the student experience

Anja Sisarica will discuss how higher education institutions, when considering digital exams and their consequent scaling, require strategic thinking on an organisational level in order to achieve maximum benefits. One of the key stakeholders to consider on that journey would be your students, as the digital exams can make a significant positive impact on their education. In this talk, you will learn more about how we acknowledge students’ experience to play a critical role in the implementation and adoption of digital exams, and one of the most influential drivers and metrics for its success. In particular, we will reflect on the case study of the pilot collaboration project conducted at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand in 2019, and the impact digital exams delivered on Inspera Assessment platform had on their students’ experience.


Dr Anja Siserica, speaker at the e-Assessment Question Conference

About the speaker: Dr Anja Sisarica

Anja Sisarica joined Inspera as User Research and Product Strategy consultant in 2017. Working closely with partner institutions and researching their experience with Inspera Assessment, she has been evangelising empathy for the users, sharing insights both internally and externally. With background in Computer Science, Anja holds a Ph.D. from City, University of London (2015) in Creativity Science and Human-Computer Interaction Design. Her professional interests also include: service design; design thinking; innovation management; game-based learning; requirements engineering; and creativity applications in business and education technology. She is currently based in Milan, Italy; whilst Inspera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.