Nancy Wilkinson  is presenting at the e-Assessment Question Conference

Nancy Wilkinson Speaker at The e-Assessment Question April 2020 in London

Nancy Wilkinson: Senior Programme Manager, Education, Nesta

Nancy’s presentation is: Can technology help reduce teacher workload? Lessons from Nesta’s EdTech Innovation Fund.

  • An overview of Nesta’s work with technology organisations working to tackle teacher workload, in particular those focused on formative assessment and marking.
  • Examples of innovative practice to help remove some of the workload burden from assessment
  • What does future hold for technology and assessment? The opportunities and risks of AI in education.
  • Where are the gaps? Where more innovation is needed.

Nancy Wilkinson leads Nesta’s work on technology and education, overseeing a partnership with the Department for Education to help schools make more effective use of technology. Nancy previously worked at the Wellcome Trust as a policy advisor leading on education policy aiming to improve science education in the UK. She also worked as a specialist at the House of Commons Education Select Committee, working on inquiries including recruitment and retention of teachers and primary assessment. She is vice-chair of a school governing body at a primary school in Tower Hamlets.