Aulden Dunipace is presenting at the e-Assessment Question Conference

Aulden Dunipace Speaker at The e-Assessment Question April 2020 in London

About the Presentation: Psychometrics, Big Data and Careers

  • Machine Learning and Big Data – Friend or Foe?
  • Student Psychometrics and career guidance, the art of the possible?
  • Career matching and work based learning opportunities – can assessment deliver depth to the marketplace?

In an educational cycle of resource reduction and budget tightening how can Big Data and assessment engines be used to deliver cost effective and valuable career guidance, opportunity matching and personalised learning pathway development for all schools?

About Aulden Dunipace, CEO, The Learning Partnership

Aulden Dunipace is a disruptive educationalist who left a successful career in the city of London to do something worthwhile! 

Aulden founded The Learning Partnership in 2001 to link educational engagement with neuroscientific discovery. 

Aulden developed as a free at the point of use social learning platform for schools in order to bypass the change apathy he had found amongst education policy makers and senior educationalists in the UK. 

Requiring a hook to bring schools onto Dendrite on mass, TLP sponsored Bloodhound SSC (the 1000mph car) as the projects education tech partner to use the project to develop ways to blow kids minds around STEM subjects and create unique learning activations around STEM. 

In 2013 Aulden became education director of Bloodhound SSC to help deliver Bloodhound’s mission to inspire the next generation into science, technology, engineering & maths. 

This resulted in the co-development of the Race for the Line Model Rocket Car competition, the UK’s largest schools STEM competition. 

Having left Bloodhound in 2016 to focus full time on The Learning Partnership and the growing suite of learning channels on Dendrite including Fusion energy and Hybrid Air Vehicles. TLP is currently launching Dendrite and its STEM activations around the world.

Aulden juggles his life with his wife and three children, Jack Russell dog & occasionally indulges in his passion for fly-fishing & cricket.