Joe Ludlow is presenting at the e-Assessment Question Conference

Joe Ludlow speaker at the e-Assessment Question Conference

About the presentation: From the intersection of vocational learning and work

This session will explore how tech is changing the nature of work and what does that mean for vocational skills and their assessment? Joe will illustrate how as an investor in early stage innovative companies, Ufi Voctech Trust identifies the needs and opportunities in the future of learning for work.

In the future, our skills and capabilities for work will continuously develop assisted by new technology. But what will be the technologies that capture, assess and accredit this continuous learning?

About Joe Ludlow

Joe Ludlow is Impact Investment Director for Ufi – VocTech Trust. At Ufi, Joe manages a seed stage venture fund investing in companies which help people and businesses develop skills for the future of work. He also leads Ufi’s overall investment strategy. Joe is also an advisor to Sparx, a non-executive director at The Innovation Unit and chairman of DrDoctor.