Pete Langley is presenting at the e-Assessment Question Conference

Pete Langley speaker at the e-Assessment Question Conference

About the Presentation:Research into students’ attitudes to and perspectives of e-Assessment

The Student Room is the UK’s largest online student community. During the 2019 summer exam season 67,000 students posted and 15 million pages were viewed, predominantly by GCSE and A-level students. This presentation will report on specially-commissioned research into student attitudes to current and possible future methods of high-stakes assessment.


Pete Langley speaker at the e-Assessment Question Conference

About Pete Langley

Pete Langley is Director of Study Help at The Student Room, the largest online student community in the UK with 7.5 million unique visitors each month. During the exam season 2019 67,000 students posted on The Student Room. Pete is responsible for managing these discussions, along with all the content and resources provided for students by The Student Room.

Pete’s role requires an in-depth knowledge of the world of secondary schools, exams and their regulation. He works closely with awarding bodies, JCQ and Ofqual to preserve the credibility of the exam system at the same time as providing a platform for millions of students to express and share their opinions.

Before joining The Student Room Pete taught in comprehensive schools and sixth form colleges for over 35 years as well as writing and publishing a range of books and resources promoting study skills and student-centred learning. In 2008 he started the social learning website Get Revising which now has 7 million users a year and is part of The Student Room Group.